What can SuperLilo do for you?
SuperLilo is a platform for our participating merchants to launch effective, targeted marketing campaigns. In the era of social media and virtual photos, holding and touching something physical has become rare and valuable. Often, we hardly notice the thousands of virtual ads on social media and will probably flick the ads away in a split second.

Our users are waiting in anticipation for their photos, with your advertisements printed on the back of these photos, to arrive. When anyone receives a physical gift, we will tend to hold it and admire it for a while. Your ad will be special, even treasured.

SuperLilo has also created a proprietary programme that analyses user profile and cleverly recommends a promotion that will be of interest and useful to our users. Our Marketing Specialists can also help you create fun and exciting marketing campaigns using our Play and Win games. With this feature, you can further reach out to and engage your target audience.

Our Clients